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Advantage Custom Apps is a company dedicated to assisting small to medium sized businesses in reaching out to new and existing customers using new technology. Your customers are on the go and so should your advertising. With over 236 million smartphones in use in the United States a mobile web app is just what you need. Our mobile web apps can be saved to any of your customers smartphones with a custom branded icon on their home screen for easy access.

We want to work with you in growing your business with the use of our fully customizable mobile web apps, SMS texting, email marketing, as well as our loyalty reward programs and proximity marketing services. We look forward to the opportunity to show you what an Advantage Custom app can do for your business! Contact us today!

Premier Services

Text Message & Email Marketing

We have designed an easy to use system that will allow you to send text and email messages to your clients notifying them of your specials & latest product information.

Loyalty Reward Programs

Modernize your marketing with one or more of our loyalty reward programs accessible via a kiosk (tablet) at either your point of sale or anywhere your customers are located. Choose from a birthday club, VIP program, sweepstakes, or punch card rewards.

Beacon Notifications

Enables people to receive notifications from your business on their smartphones as they pass by your location. Broadcast specials, new products, news about an event, or any other marketing message.

Fantastic Features

Our mobile web apps have all the features to allow your customers to understand your business, your products, and your services. They bring all of your current marketing tools together into one place making it easier for your customers to connect with you. Your customers will be able to easily call you, email you, text message you, see all your locations, view maps, get directions, view photos, access your Facebook page and other social media feeds, rate your business, purchase your products, and a lot more.

Phones & Tablets

Works with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPad, & all Android tablets.

Social Media

Include all your social media links like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and more.

Maps & GPS Directions

Let people find you easily with Google Maps & GPS directions.

Referral Features

Enables your customers to easily share your app with their friends via text or their Facebook page.

Mobile Shopping Cart

Let people purchase your products right from their mobile phone.

Photo Gallery

Show people photos of your store, products, or special events.

App Styles

Our web apps can be designed with many different styles. No two web apps we create are alike. We work with you to design the perfect header, footer, the style of the buttons, font size, icon size, colors, background image, transparency of the buttons, and much more.

Click-To-Call Buttons

Having an easy way for your customers to call you on their mobile phone is very important. We offer the ability to have more than one click-to-call phone number because some businesses have several different numbers. For example, a restaurant may have one phone number to make reservations and another number to place to go orders. When a customer clicks the phone number on your web app the phone places the call instantly avoiding the need to write down the phone number and key it into their phone to place the call.

Customer Feedback

All businesses love getting customer feedback whether it is good feedback or bad feedback. Our web apps include an area dedicated to collecting customer feedback for you to read and review. The web app feedback form asks the customer to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down. They then provide their name, mobile number, and any extra comments they would like to offer. Once a customer submits their feedback you receive a notification so you can read the feedback the customer gave immediately.

Email Us Form

Include an email us form allowing customers to email you directly. The customer provides their name, email address, phone number, and can enter any comments or questions they might have. Once the customer submits the form on the web app the information is emailed to you to read and review.

Google Maps & Directions

Allow web app visitors to find you easily with a Google map and driving directions. The map will show a pin over your location and if the user gives the web app access to their phone GPS, it will also show a pin over their current location and turn by turn driving directions. If you have multiple locations you can include a Google map for each of your locations. The visitor can see a list of your locations and click any of the addresses to view a Google map and get directions.

Custom Web Forms

You can easily add custom web forms to any web app. Once added the visitor browsing the web app can fill out the form and submit their results to you instantly. When the visitor submits the form you will receive an email letting you know someone has filled out the form. If needed you can also export the results from our online control panel in a CSV format which can be easily imported into programs like Microsoft Excel and others. Our forms are mobile friendly and touch enabled. We currently offer the ability to include: input fields, text areas, drop down menus, check boxes, radio buttons, upload files and submit buttons.

Event List

Easily include a list of upcoming events you might be having or attending. You can display all the needed details about the event like the venue name, location, an overview of the event, the date, starting time, ending time, a photo, and even add a Google map to the event.

Shopping Cart

Sell more by providing your customers an easy way to purchase via your web app. Our web apps are set up to allow people to purchase restaurant menu items, products, and services right from the web app. Using PayPal your clients can purchase items from the web app. When a new order is placed a notification is sent to you giving you a detailed overview of the buyer and the items that were ordered.


Mobile Business Card (MBC)

  • ($200 + $100 Set Up Fee)
  • Click-To-Call
  • Email Us\/Contact Us Form
  • Facebook Share
  • Google Maps\/Directions
  • Refer Us (Via Text)
  • Save To Phone Button
  • Social Media Links
  • Text Us
  • Website Link

Features (Tier 1)

  • (Contact Us For A Quote)
  • Custom QR Code Share
  • Event Listings
  • Join Us (Text\/Email)
  • Mobile Punch Card
  • Photo Gallery
  • Rate Us
  • Scratch Coupon (Requires SMS Texting)
  • (Additional) Website & Phone Number Links
  • Youtube Videos (Adding Existing Videos)

Features (Tier 2)

  • (Contact Us For A Quote)
  • Custom Forms
  • Header Slide Show (Up To 10 Images)
  • Header Slide Shows (w\/ Links)*
  • Products & Services Listing*
  • Restaurant Menu (Standard)
  • Restaurant Menu (Individual Listings)*
  • Shopping Cart (Paypal)*
  • Testimonial Page
  • *May require an additional set up fee

Ala Carte Features:

  • (Request Pricing)
  • Banner Ads
  • Beacon Notifications
  • Kiosk Birthday Club
  • Kiosk Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Kiosk Sweepstakes
  • Kiosk VIP Club
  • Marketing Videos
  • Restaurant Online Ordering
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • SMS Texting\/Messaging Center

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